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Hey folks! 

Its been a while, and its been an even longer while since I've written a journal here.

I've moved out of Portland and into a Technological Dead Zone (TM) so using the internet and doing any work is a hard and frustrating process. I just don't have the data or the signal strength to accomplish a whole lot at any one time, and it if rains (which it often does) forget about it! 

That said I've got some photos from a few months back featuring WATER DOGS, and I just got back from South Korea, which was my first trip out of the country! So of course I took some photos, though not nearly as many as I expected I would! Shooting in Seoul was interesting - on smoggy days I had to really adjust my settings to account for all of the reflected light I wasn't expecting. Editing those was a process, let me tell you! But... there's those to look forward to. 

I've also joined a moblie community called "Amino." I have almost a million of those Amino apps, but most importantly here is the Photography one, which is actually more updated than my DeviantART AND my photography portfolio, simply because it takes less bandwidth to use. So, come say hi over there if you Amino. Its for both iOS and Android so it shouldn't be hard to join. (I do wish there was a desktop version for typing purposes, but I guess that's beyond the point.) 

When I've been able I've also been updating my very own website ( and I've been doing quite a bit of work on Fiverr recently to supplement my non-existent income. So, that's cool! It almost feels as if I'm a real freelancer! 

I'm also hoping to do more with my photography blog ( than just throw photos on it - I'm hoping to also throw interesting articles on it! haha

But yes, hopefully things will start moving around here, and I'll start checking in on here more often now that I've discovered the DeviantART app - my internet on my phone is more reliable than my internet on the computer for some reason, so perhaps uploading there may be the way to go? Not sure yet. But still, photos to come, for those interested in that. 

Anyway... ta-da! 

Or something like that. 

  • Listening to: David Bowie ★
  • Reading: A Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Orphan Black
  • Playing: The Lego Avengers game
  • Drinking: COFFEE
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May 27, 2016


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